being a girl is so expensive like

panties? expensive.

tampons? expensive.

makeup? expensive.

XL Shrek Dildos? expensive.

God fucking damnit. WAKE UP. Internet Networking is recreational not beneficial motherfucker. Shall we followers look the other way or feel passively aggressive toward this ongoing prefix of keeping up with the smiths? Pot to piss in relying on solely serving self sufficient attitude of consistent yet codependent attitude of who’s better? You are? I am? We are? They are leaving… Fenced at the WALL. Pass the option fellow..^*•*^ get off the expense of wireless distractions of your valuable TIME it would be a crime to waste this worth of attributed afflicted affection…! I love considerately clotted carnage dosed and devoured for the approval of the almighty alright obliged…? All right but if all go wrong turn left before you are left…HAHAHA they left hours ago you owe me ninety bucks..seventy.